Jim McAlpine: The 420 Games Founder

Jim is here to talk about the business landscape of the growing cannabis industry and shattering the stereotypes of cannabis users.

Jake Plummer: Denver Broncos & Arizona Cardinals Quarterback

Jake Plummer led his teams to a combined 40-18 record in the NFL and is here today to talk about the mindset that it takes to will a team to victory. From Arizona State, to retirement in the mountains of Idaho, Jake is an open book.

Riley Cote: Philadelphia Flyer

Riley Cote tells us about his early career as a young man in the AHL and his role as an enforcer on the Philadelphia Flyers. He discusses his post retirement life and role as an advocate for the Hemp Heals Foundation.

Nate Jackson: Denver Bronco & NYT Best Selling Author

Eben talks to Nate about his career and his experience going from NFL Tight-End to published author. Nate describes his development as a writer and navigating the world of publishing.

Chris Borland: San Francisco 49er & Wisconsin Badger

Chris Borland stunned everyone when he retired immediately after his break-out NFL rookie season. Despite the potential of a stellar career ahead of him, the dangers of CTE and head trauma were too real to be ignored. He joins us to talk about his decision and what he he has discovered in his post football […]

Bas Rutten: UFC Hall of Famer & MMA Legend

Bas Rutten is here to tell us his story of growing up a skinny bully-magnet to being one of the greatest fighters ever to step into a ring.

Pain & Injury

Nate and Eben talk about their experience with pain and injury. They pull back the curtain on pain management and injury recovery techniques that are used and abused in the professional sports world.

Grant Mattos: San Diego Charger & Survivor (Part 1)

Former NFL Receiver Grant Mattos lays out his career from community college, to playing at USC with Pete Carroll, and onto the San Diego Chargers. After retirement his story only gets better, taking him from bar backing at the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas to the final rounds in the reality show, Survivor.