Eugene Monroe – NFL Lineman

Eugene drops by the studio to share his story of the trenches as a rookie with Eben. He tells us about his post retirement successes with business and his struggles with head injuries.

Heal Thy Self

Nate and Eben talk about how they fix their minds and bodies in their post retirement life.

Tribalism & Famous Stoners

We explore the human instinct to band together and the multitude of ways it manifests itself in modern life. We also discuss famous stoners throughout history.

Dr. Eric Blum-Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation

Dr. Eric Blum joins us to talk cryotherapy, lasers, and other cutting-edge technology used to heal the modern athlete. Plus, a breakdown of Rob Gronkowski and the NFL concussion protocol.

Roger Goodell vs. Cannabis

Roger Goodell stops by the podcast to plead his case against allowing cannabis use in the NFL.

In The Moment – Welcome To 2018

Nate and Eben open the new year discussing current issues in the NFL, new faces in the Playoffs and new cannabis science and laws.

Kyle Turley: Pro-Bowl Offensive Lineman

All-Pro Kyle Turley drops the truth about his NFL career and his post retirement battle with pills and injuries. He’s even generous enough to play us a song, a Mindful Warrior first!

Len May: Medical Cannabis Specialist

Len May joins us to talk about the science of cannabis and how it can work differently within individuals based on their genetics. He gives insight into the endocannabinoid system and the chemistry of the medical benefits of cannabis.