Aaron Alexander: Align Therapy

Aaron talks with us about Rolfing, a physical therapy technique that helps align your body parts to increase ability and prevent injury and much more.

Dr. Joshua: Spiritual Counselor

Dr. Joshua joins us to talk about his trail from college football coach to becoming a spiritual guide. He talks about his extensive experience with Ayahuasca and his approach to total wellness.

Take Your Pills & Book Club

Eben breaks down his involvement with the Netflix documentary “Take Your Pills” and we discuss the issues with Adderall use among kids. Then we launch the Mindful Warrior BOOK CLUB!

RyanMcCann: UCLA Quarter Back & Artist

Ryan McCann was a star Quarter Back at UCLA before injuries ended his career in NFL training camp. He’s here to tell us how and why he became a professional artist and how he maintains his edge.

Seth Smith: Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance

Seth Smith is a Navy veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Today, he is VP of Communications and Affairs for the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance which provides top quality medical cannabis for veterans and pushes to shape cannabis policy. He breaks down how cannabis can help save our vets and enlisted military as […]

The Kambo Ritual

Nate and Eben talk about their first hand experience with the sacred Kambo ritual which finds its roots in the indigenous people of the Amazon. We also look at the chemistry and spirituality of shamanic practices.

Eugene Monroe – NFL Lineman

Eugene drops by the studio to share his story of the trenches as a rookie with Eben. He tells us about his post retirement successes with business and his struggles with head injuries.

Heal Thy Self

Nate and Eben talk about how they fix their minds and bodies in their post retirement life.