Welcome to the Caveman Poet Society

Same podcast, fancy new name so not to be confused with inferior products! We quickly discuss the meaning behind our new name, Hollywood by Charles Bukowski and Flow, in Book Club and Nate & Eben share some original works.

Chris Willson: Dingers & Cheese

Former athlete Chris Willson comes by to drop knowledge on food, natural training, and healing his mangled back with cannabis.


We celebrate Canada’s decision to fully legalize cannabis, what it means for the industry and the future of the plant. We also talk about perfecting your morning routine and Book Club!

Talking Shit

In this episode we talk about the importance of gut health and the complicated ecosystem that regulates our digestion and mental wellness. And poop.

An Afternoon at Mike Tyson’s Ranch

Nate and Eben discuss their recent panel at the Tyson Ranch and their new allies in the fight to bring Cannabis into the sports world. Also BOOK CLUB!

Matt McAlvin & Lucas Beatty: Lineman & QB

Matt McAlvin and Lucas Beatty played college football together as Quarter Back and Offensive Lineman. But once football ended, the real fight began. They join us to talk about their severe health issues that baffled many doctors and how they found their path to health.

Take a Knee & Youth Football

We are jumping into the NFL’s response to players kneeling for the anthem, the dangers of youth football, and why every QB could be a male model. Plus BOOK CLUB!

Ayahuasca & Bird Scooters

Get ready for a deep dive as Eben recounts his recent journey with Ayahuasca, Nate covers his controversial Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times and another edition of BOOK CLUB!